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Sieges and breaches

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For all patches released after April 2010, a new game rule has been added for sieges and breaches.

It won't be possible, for any unit, to make a breach into a structure. There are some constraints: the besieger must have at least one unit which is/has:

  • At least one element is an artillery (any caliber), engineer, heavy or super heavy vehicle (family check)
  • At least one element has an Ability of kind $AbiSiege.
  • At least one element bears the attribute *CanDoBreach*. Any element can qualify, including a leader (Lasalle in the Napoleonic period could have it!).

The existing siege parameters are still in full effect:

From GameRules.opt (RoP values)

// Assault not allowed without Breach
rulBreachForAssault = 1

From GameLogic.opt (RoP values)

// ***** SIEGE *****
sieValueForSiegeBonus        	= 10	  // How many Artillery Combat Pts needed to get a +1/-1 modifier to siege
sieOutcomeDiceRollSides      	= 15      // Sides of the Siege Outcome rolls / compared to TQ/Discipline
sieWagonDepotProtectChance   	= 95      // Chance  that a non empty depot/wagon protects against surrender
                                            {increased from 50  => 80 March 11, 2010, then from 80 => 95 March 17, 2010}
baseProdCoefLocked           	= 25      // Percent of base supply when under siege with port unblocked
sieExtraModifier	        = 1	  // Extra Modifier (positive: help the besieger)
sieSurrenderModEndangered       = - 3     // If structure breached, lack of supply and weaker than besieger,
                                            get this penalty to surrender

// added to game engines on or after 121130
sieUnblockadedHarborProtect = 100        //(default is 0) (set it to 100 for AJE)
                                           % chance that an unblockaded harbor prevent a surrender this turn