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Operating Systems :

Windows Vista : Problems with finding the Saves file in the new Vista directories

GNU/Linux : How to play to AACW with GNU/Linux Ubuntu

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Appendices Ammunition Army organization
Assault Posture Attrition City
Climate Combat in the field Control
Complete manual Defensive posture Depot
Experience Fixed Fog of war
Foreign intervention Fort Fort level
Game scale General supply Harbor
Indian village Installation Interface
Introduction Locked Losses and replacements
Loyalty Main menu Marching to the sound of the guns
Managing your nation Merge Military control
Naval combat Offensive posture Orders
Overview Passive posture Population loyalty
Port Posture Pre-war fort
Raider ship Region Siege combat
Shortcut keys Stack State
Static Stockade Structure
Supply Supply network Supply wagon
The map The war economy Town
Understanding Units Unit Updates
Winning the game

Reference and overview

Availability of army HQs Free Reinforcments Unit Information
List of cities Regions by name, part 1 Regions by name, part 2
Regions by state, part 1 Regions by state, part 2 List of Historical AACW Events
Changelog Discrepancies between manual and patches

Strategy and Advice

AACW strategy guide Frontage

Customize AACW


Modding AACW

For detailed references for Scripting Commands, see Scripting commands


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