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Leader death and recovery parameters

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Parameters set in \Settings opt files [usually in GameLogic.opt] to regulate leader death and recovery.

Combat Death

The leader death probability is specified for each model. This is the probability to take a random shot, for each round of combat the leader is in.

Others casualties:

Chances for a leader to die when his parent unit is destroyed, or when he is besieged in a city. This can happen during starvation, etc.

{Available with game engines dated 120413 or later}

 cbtLdrRecovPreKillSiege   = 0  // chance to fail the recovery perc if the leader was besieged (default 0%)
 cbtLdrRecovBaseRank1Perc  = 90 // recovery perc
 cbtLdrRecovBaseRank2Perc  = 95
 cbtLdrRecovBaseRank3Perc  = 100
 cbtLdrRecovHRAOBonusPerc  = 2
 cbtLdrRecovMaximalPerc    = 100
 cbtLdrShortRedeployDist   = 3  // max dist in regions for short check
 cbtLdrLongRedeployDist    = 6  // same for long (don't go above 12)
 cbtLdrLockedByWoundDice   = 6  // max num of turns if only wounded