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EvalStrucCount = <AreaUID or MAP>|<FactionValue>|<StructureSearchCriteria>|<Operator>|<ValueToCompareWith>


Evaluate the number of structures (according to a criteria) in a given area compared to a fixed value. This command can store the result in an active Registry. This command can also be used in the Action block, even if an Evaluation, because of this possible use with Registries (otherwise an Evaluation in the Action block makes no sense).


EvalStrucCount = $Alaska|FACALL|STRUCFAM $fstGoldMines|<=|5|

Check if there are at most 5 structures of family gold mines (so variation according tech levels are all accounted for) in Alaska, for all factions.



<AreaUID or MAP>

Area alias or 'MAP', litterally.

<Fac Selector>

FACALL to count all factions together, or a faction tag otherwise.


STRUCKIND or STRUCDEF or STRUCFAM or STRUATR or STRUCSUB. See EvalRgnStruc for more info, the commands work identically on these criterias.


The operator to use.

One of <, <=, >, >=, =

A numeric value to test against.