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Cavalry in Assault parameters

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Parameters to regulate the role of Cavalry (or other subunits) in Assaults on structures. Values are set in the \Settings folder, usually in GameLogic.opt

Available for game engines dated 120413 or later.

To suffer from this rule, the SU must have the new attribute *SkipAssault* {set in Models Attributes field.|

Then from 1 to 3 of these variables must be set to 1 (by default they are at 0, so no change):

cbtSkipCavOnAssaultFortNB = 1
     means that the SU with the attribute (not only cav in fact) will not assault a fort unless it is breached

cbtSkipCavOnAssaultFortB = 1
     means that the SU with the attribute (not only cav in fact) will not assault a fort, under any condition.

if you set the second, the first does not need to be set!

The third one is against cities:

cbtSkipCavOnAssaultCity = 1
     Will not assault city.

Beware though that here the code doesn't have a hierarchy, i.e even if you say that cav should not assault city, if the city has a fort and you have not set to not assault fort, assault will be allowed...

So logically, this should go thus:

a) you don't want cav to assault, unless this is a city or a breached fort (= only a non breached fort is a problem):
cbtSkipCavOnAssaultFortNB = 1
b) you don't want the cav to assault any city or fort, even if it is breached (= almost no structure can be assaulted by cavalry)
cbtSkipCavOnAssaultCity = 1
cbtSkipCavOnAssaultFortB = 1