AoD Carnet N°11

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AoD Carnet N°11

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Ils ont introduit des "idées nationales" à la EUIII.
So its Thursday again and this means: time for a new Arsenal of Democracy Development Diary!

As we talked last week about the AI i will introduce you this week to our new concept
of national ideas as well as into the general improved modability itself.

Some of you may have noticed on a few leaked screens that we created 3 new fields
in the diplomatic tab under the ministers section. this is were our new ideas find place :

- National Ideology
which tries to model the ethics of the population itself

- Social Policy
which simulates in an abstract way the social fabric of a country and the degree of development towards
a human and tolerant society

- National Culture
which actually tries to represent the overall mindset and social conventions of a country

Those 3 are all dependent on a country’s base ideology e.g. autocratic or democratic,
left wing or right wing. Because it is very hard in real life for a nation to just switch between
different value-sets, a change takes first of all a lot of time and second gives a huge dissent to
your nation. Thus, you are still limited in new policies to the options in your near environment, e.g.
as a fascist Italy you wont be able that easy to go a liberal way in social politics but maybe one which tends into the Nazi region.

The effects policies have on the gameplay values itself are very broad. Changes range from
the field of diplomatic or intelligence costs, to build times or organisation and dissent modifactors.

We added for every major a unique ideology, policy and culture.

Of course this is all editable in a new file, the ideas.txt, which leads us to part #2 of this diary.
It uses the same commands as the minister.txt, a new file we also integrated and which makes it
now easy to create and change minister traits.

For map creating purposes, we have removed the province limit. you can now mod your own maps with up to 10.000 provinces.

You can create new brigades in all three branches. they are custom definable in the boostertext.csv .

We have removed the country limit, so you can include all the nations you have ever wanted.

And of course we exported hundreds of game variables to the misc.cfg. you can set and define
now every piece of the game in this file. From the cost of artillery bombardment through the relative
damage a bomber does on installations to gearing times, conversion rates, infrastructure bonuses and so on.

We re-arranged the technology tab in a way that you are now able to mod in more techs if you want. the room available on every tech-section has increased dramatically.

In the events section, we build in various new commands as triggers. E.g. a check command if complete areas are under control of an ally/enemy/neutral/etc., which opens up lots of new possibilities for modding.

I hope I could give you a good insight into this topic of AoD. stay tuned for next week when we show you a small AAR ! :)




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