[Advanced Tactics] Modification du scénario WaW 34b

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[Advanced Tactics] Modification du scénario WaW 34b

Message par Bébert »

Salut à tous,

Après un essai sur le scénrio WaW 34b explorer tweaks, j'ai décidé de créer ma propre version:

Voici en anglais le détail du scénario depuis son origine
WaW v35a - Bebert's mod

WARNING: Select either Germany or West as Human player. The others don't become active in the start of the game. And this can lead to hours of waiting before AI finishes all turns.

This scenario simulates the WWII globally from 1939 until 1945. The each turn is a month and there are 5 active regimes – Germany, Japan, The West, Soviet Union, and China. Also other regimes will join one of the five active regimes depending on game triggers. Note also that only Germany and the West start the game as active players. The other 3 regimes ‘wake up’ when Paris falls.


The map wraps and is drawn in 2 scales – a smaller scale for Europe and the Atlantic and a larger scale for Eastern Asia, the Pacific, and North America. A few land types have been added – ‘big sea’, ‘big land’, and ‘impassible’. These types have been added to manage the distortion associated with a 2 scale map and maximize the playing space of the game.


A simplified location structure has been added. Cities can produce 0, 2, 4, 8, or 16 k in production points. There is also a resource hex that can produces 2k in supply or pp and a factory hex that produces 2 k and can be built (cost 60 pp or a 15 month payback). Note that the vp of the hex is also the same as the production value of the hex (divided by 1000). A military base location has also been added. This is a combination of a port and an airbase. Note that initial production levels were derived from GDP data.


R&D has been simplified. There are now 10 research tracks – basic infantry, heavy infantry, specialized infantry, guns, armor, fighters, bombers, ships, submarines, and carriers. These tracks cover multiple sftypes (e.g., armor covers light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks, and tank destroyers). There are still 4 levels of research.


The scenario uses the standard unit set with some modifications and additions. Modifications include:
-Dive-bomber ship and sub combat values dramatically reduced.
-Carrier carry capacity reduced
-BB artillery range reduced to 1 hex
-AA range capped at 2 hexes
-Supply cost 2 pp
-Ship speed is quintupled

Additions include
-Carrier Air. This is a combination fighter (though weaker than land based fighter) and has strong anti – ship and sub combat values. It is light and can fit on carriers like standard planes on standard CVs.
-Partisan. A scout with better supply carrying capability. Cannot be built but may arrive in European Soviet, China, Yugoslavia, and French Indochina hexes under certain conditions.
-Trains. Cheaper than trucks but limited to roads
- Ship hulls. is removed. Capital ships (CG, BB, CV) can be built directly.


All units expend a unit of manpower when purchased. At the start of the game, each of the regimes gets a certain amount of manpower and a certain manpower growth rate. (e.g., Germany starts with 6000 manpower and gets 80 manpower per turn). This limits the number of units that can be built over the long haul (Germany can only average 200 units per round through early 1944). Note that manpower statistics were based on population and willingness (e.g., Germany gets a higher portion of the German population than the Polish population). Note also that production assigned to units with insufficient manpower is wasted. A message will alert a regime when manpower gets critical (<100). Players should shift to producing supply and political points when this happens.

The Northern wx zone has snow wx from Dec – Feb (50% snow during November and March). Snow inflicts a 25-50% readiness penalty and slows land movement (except swamp which is improved).


-China wins if they control all the production centers in China, Manchuria, and Korea.
-The Soviets win if they control Berlin
-The West wins if they control Berlin and Tokyo
-Japan wins if they control Calcutta, Sydney, and Chungking.
-Germany wins if they control London, Paris, Cairo, Rome, Leningrad, Moscow, and Stalingrad

EARLY WAR (pre – fall of France)

- Germany starts the war with the invasion of Poland. Poland is surprised and has a 50% reduction in readiness. After Germany’s turn, Poland will join the side of the West. During the West’s turn, they will declare war on Germany.
- Once done with Poland, Germany can fight the West. They will get an ‘Western blitz’ card in April of 1940 that gives them control of Oslo, Denmark, and Eban Emaul and inflicts a 50% readiness reduction on the West and the Allied Minors. Note that Germany will not get this card if it has previously declared war on the Allied Minors or has a power point in the Maginot line (Phony War). If the West plays the 'France is prepared for War' card, the German blitz will have no effect other than making the Allied Minors join on the side of the West.
- The West may play a card to improve French preparedness. If played, the West will not have a readiness penalty during the German blitz and 2 strong armored units will arrive near Lille. This also give the West the 'British committment' card. This card prevents the establishment of a Vichy regime.
- The Germans must also garrison the east to maintain the non-aggression pact after 1941. The ratio of Soviet to German power points must be lower than 4:1 in 1940, 2:1 in 1941, and 1:1 in 1942, 1:2 in 1943 and beyond. (****changed in v34a) Note that the Soviet power point total is doubled if the US is in the War. Power points within 4 hexes of the border count towards the total. Note that the border extends once the Axis Minors join the German side and those units are also included (though not Turkey if brought into the war). Note also that the Soviet Union will give Germany 2000 supply until at war.
- The Allied Minors will join the war on the side of the West when attacked. The West will also take control of the Dutch East Indies.
- Italy will join the war on the side of Germany once Germany controls Lille.
- Once Germany controls Paris, the Germans can establish a Vichy regime. When this happens, all West units in Northern France and the Low Countries surrender. Metropolitan France and French North Africa join the Vichy regime. French Indochina is occupied by Japan. The US starts sending lend lease (Boston joins the war on the Western Side. Note that the Germans must establish a Vichy regime by the 4th turn they control Paris or they lose the card. Note that if the West plays the 'British commitment to France' card, the Vichy card is ineffective.
- Japan, (****changed in v34a) , and China now wake up.

PRE-TOTAL WAR (fall of Paris to Pearl Harbor)

- Japan and China are in a stalemate in China. While in a stalemate, the US will give Japan 1/3rd of it's supply needs. Japan can resume hostilities with China by playing the ‘major offensive’ card. Japan has 6 turns to declare war on the US. On the 7th turn, it surrenders China and Manchuria to the Chinese regime who then wins the game. Japan is encouraged by German actions and will automatically launch a major offensive when Germany goes to war with the Soviet Union.
- Upon playing the major offensive, the Japanese player gets the ‘Pacific Blitz’ card. When this card is played, the Dutch East Indies joins the US, the US gets a 100% readiness reduction, then joins the West, which is then at war with Japan.
- Japan and the Soviet Union can also each go to war with the other by playing the ‘Nomohan Incident’ card. Either side can end the conflict by offering a non-aggression treaty which transfers 20 pp over to the recipient. Note that all pre-war boundaries between the Soviet Union and Japan are restored.
- In Europe, the Axis Minors and the Balkan Allies join the war on the side of Germany and the West respectively in 1941. The Balkan will join sooner if Germany declares war on them. Also, both will join their respective partner regimes if Germany and the Soviet Union go to war.
- Once the Vichy regime is established, either Germany or the West can declare war. No matter which side declares war, Southern France is occupied by Germany and French North Africa and Syria is occupied by the West. If the Germans declare war, the French fleet is interned (and usable) in Gibraltar. If the West declares war, the French fleet flees to Rome and joins the side of the Axis.
- Once Paris is captured, the Germans also get the ‘Eastern Blitz’ card. Germany must use this card to declare war on the Soviets. When Germany plays this card, the Soviets may be surprised. (****See v34a Revision) There are 2 surprise levels. If the Soviets have less than 75% of their power points West of the Urals within 4 hexes of the Finland, East Prussia, Poland, Romania border, they have a 'major surprise'. There is a one time 100% reduction in readiness and Germany is awarded 100 pp. If the Soviets have more than 75% of their power points in the forward area, the readiness penalty is only 50% and there is no pp grant to Germany. (Design note, this rule is intended to provide incentives for the Soviets to maintain a forward defense.) (****adjusted in v34a)
- The Soviet Union immediately declares war on Germany if the German player fails to maintain the garrison level. The German player will lose the ‘Eastern Blitz’ card if this happens.
- If more than 50 power points of German units occupy the UK and the US is not at war, then the US will ramp up aid to the West. New York and Washington (along with the entire NE US) will join the war on the side of the West.
- When the Soviet Union and Germany first go to war, the Soviets can build conscripts that fight like Chinese Conscripts. They also get 250 Worker Battalions that fight poorly but have engineering capabitility. Both these units cannot otherwise be built.
- During the first winter turn when the Germans and the Soviets are at war, the Germans get an additional 40% readiness reduction and the Soviets get an 8000 supply grant. When the Germans capture Kiev, Sevastopol, Rostov, Dneipretovsk, and Kharkov; a factory becomes available east of the Urals for each of these cities captured.

TOTAL WAR (Post Pearl Harbor).

- Beyond lend lease, the US is mobilized into the West in 3 stages. There are actually 3 regimes – (1) US, (2) US +13, and (3) US + 25. The number corresponds to a turn after Pearl Harbor that the next regime joins the west. The additional regimes bring on additional production centers.
- If either a Japanese or German power point enters the continental US, the US is immediately completely mobilized.
- Aid to China / Soviet Union. Once the US is in the War, the Western player can play an aid to China and to the Soviet Union once per turn. The China Aid card is available if the West controls Mandalay and the Chinese control Kunming. The Soviet Aid card is available if the Soviets control the 'To Murmansk' hex and it is not winter.
- Partisans. After the US is in the war, there is a 1% chance per non plains, non urban hex that a partisan unit (5 partisans) will arrive in a German controlled hex in the Balkan Minors or the European Soviet Union or in a Japanese controlled hex in China, the Philippines, or French Indochina.
- Turkey. Turkey joins the German side if attacked by the West or by the Soviets. It joins the Soviet side if attacked by the Germans. If Germany controls the Kuwait, there is a 10% chance per round that Turkey joins the side of the Germany.
- Spain. Spain joins the German side if attacked by the West and the German side if attacked by West. If Germany controls Gibraltar, there is a 10% chance per turn that Spain joins the German side.


-Special units. This is a variant that gives each active regime a unit that only they can build. They include: (1) Germany – Flak 88, a combination AT gun and Flak unit, (2) Soviet Union – Katyusha, a combination artillery (range 1) and truck (with tank carry capacity). (3) Japan – Kamikaze. A one way carrier air unit – no fighter capability but 2x ship capability. (4) West. Elite infantry / Long range transport – Combination Scout and Para with good supply carry, can demolish. (5) China. Conscripts. Defend like rifle, weaker on attack slightly worse. Cheaper and uses less supply.

-Special people. If selected, Munich and the Urals have a new people type – SS and Siberians. Both fight at +20%.
-Regime bonuses. If selected, the chosen regime gets 10 pp per round and an double additional manpower per round. Good for balancing.
- Rising production. If selected, all production increases by 125% in 1942 and 150% in 1943.
- Optional Rules: If selected, the game gives 2 action cards for Allies - France Prepared for War (Western Blitz ineffective, costs 60PP) & Brititsh Commitment to France (GE cannot establish Vichy, costs 120PP)

WaW v35a - Bebert's mod

Map Change:

There is a small Garrison at Malta Island.

Units change

There are no longer shiphull. Players can build directly capital ship. But they are very expensive: cruiser's cost is 20'000, battleship and carrier's cost is 40'000

At the beginning, germany and Italy have some BB and CA, and US has somme CV and BB, instead CV hull and BB hull.

There is a new fleet at newcastle, instead BB and CA hull.

Tank Destroyer has less hitpoint. It is always dangerous against others tanks, but now, it is less difficult to kill a TD, as it was in the reality.

Aircraft's cost change:

Carrier aircraft: 2000
Level Bomber and Dive Bomber: 3000

Research: Cost of research steps is higher than before for the third and the fourth level. Now, it will cost a lot of PP to reach level 3 and level 4. Germany begins with research basic infantry 2 and armor 2, but still has normal troops (they haven't still produce rifle II and tank II ). I notice that it would be easy to have a high level in a lot of main tech (armor, fighters, basic and heavy infantery for germany, carriers and ship for Japan) in 1942, but that seems irrealist.

Cost of the action card " France prepared to war" is now 120 pp and "British commitement" is now 150. Allies must now make a choice: leave the France alone, or spend 270pp.

And some others small things...

WaW v34a - Explorer's Tweaks

(Changes Based on v33d, unless noted)

Event Changes

-Abandon Paris Card fixed
-Changed Eastern Blitz card:
If played before 1941, SU readiness is reduced for 1 turn by 100% and Germany receives 150 PP.
If played in 1941 AND SU is NOT forward deployed, SU readiness is reduced by 100% for 1 turn, & GE receives 100PP.
If played in 1941 AND SU IS forward deployed, SU readiness is reduced by 50% for 1 turn & GE recieves 50PP.
If played in 1942, AND SU is NOT forward deployed, SU readiness is reduced for 1 turn by 25% & Germans & Soviets each receive 50PP each.
If played in 1942, AND SU IS forward deployed, there is no SU readiness loss & GE & SU each receive 50PP each.

-Changed GE-SU Garrison Event:
GE garrison on SU border must be maintained starting in 1941, whether SU is awake or asleep. If not, SU declares war on GE. Garrison not necessary before 1941.

-Changed Abandon Paris Card:
Soviets not awakened from this any longer.

-Added SU Wakes Up Due To GE Border Massing Event:
When German garrison has more than 1700 unadjusted power points on border prior to Axis Minors joining GE, or 2600 unadjusted power points after Axis Minors join GE, the Soviet Union will automatically awaken.

-Added US Joins West Card: (Thanks to GrumpyMel)
Available in March 1942. Costs 240pp (equal to the number of PP points incoming USA cities produce in 2 turns).

Unit Changes

-Added new SFTType: Coastal Artillery. They are expensive, will heavily damage enemy fleets within 1 hex of them, are very resistant to naval attacks, but easily destroyed from land.
-Deleted Long Range Transports
-Deleted Long Range Artillery
-Increased Artillery range to 2
-Fixed building Ship Hulls bug reported by Altair, & changed build percentage to 20%
-Increased Carrier II, III, IV recon values slightly
-Reduced Ship supply costs by 25%
-Doubled cost to build engineers
-Placed Coastal Artillery in major port cities
-Strengthened Hawaiian garrisons, added garrisons to Wake and Midway

Map Changes

-Added 2 Resource Centers in England. Thanks GrumpyMel
-Changed Cairo, Tripoli, & Algiers to producing cities (size 2). Thanks GrumpyMel.
-Changed Lagos from becoming Vichy to remaining in West
-Changed Kunming from city size 2 to size 4
-Added Chinese Nationalist Supply 1 hex north of Chungking
-Changed Kazan from city size 4 to size 8
-Added Siberian Supply Resource east of Urals
-Made road between India and Soviet Union impassible
-Doubled cost of building roads & bridges


-Eliminated Victory condition of capturing Munich
-Soviet factories in Urals (created after fall of Western Soviet cities) now able to produce supply
- Increased Germany's starting pool of manpower, but reduced Germany and Japan's monthly gains. Increased West's monthly gains. Thanks GrumpyMel
-Decreased slightly amount cities auto repair themselves
-Decreased Research costs 20%

Mod WaW v33dm1 - GrumpyMel

- In April 1942 the West recieves an action card that can be used to bring the U.S. into the war, if they have not already entered.
- Manpower changes, reduced Germany and Japan's monthly gains though Germany has a larger starting pool. Increased West's monthly gains.
- Added Cairo, Tripoli and Algiers as Prod Centers in North Africa.
- Added Minsk & Riga as Prod Centers for USSR
- Added 2 resources in England

Weber v33d

-Train carry is reduced so that they will play primarily a strategic transport role. Truck carry cap is also reduced so they will play a tactical transport role.
-Heavily entrenched the Maginot line and added some artillery. It should be tough for the Germans to maul prior to the spring.
-Changed the 'French military preparedness' card so that the bridges around Luxemburg are destroyed so it is not an easy advance for the Germans.

Patch WaW v33c2 - von Altair
- If either Allied or Axis declared a war on Vichy France and moves units in there, they get destroyed at first turn. Fixed This. (thank you JAMiAM for spotting this)
- Trains didin't care about a broken bridge. They can't pass rivers with a broken bridges anymore.

Patch WaW v33c1 - Von Altair
- The game crashed if AI regime selected. Fixed that (thank you Vic for tip).
- Naval shore bombardement winter combatmod was still unfixed. Fixed that.
- SU / China Conscripts recon value 1-->0. Conscripts were cheaper scouts as trained infantry. Didin't make sense. They are just untrained militia with defense ability.
- SU / China Conscripts entrench power 40-->20.
- Long Range Artillery didin't use manpower at all, now they do.
- Fixed AI ability to use some units correctly. Earlier AI didin't know how to use them at all.
- Increased German Westwall unit power a bit, to prevent France overun them too easily.
- Japan landforces got slight reinforcements.
- Added some shiphull defense (there was none), so opponent can't destroy them by just throwing a rock.
- Artillery & Long Range Artillery got some defense increase against surface fleet. This was needed to balance a bit overbalanced bombardement ability. Artillery can now be used better, to defend a coastal cities.

Weber v33

-Players can no longer directly build capital ships (CG, BB, CV). Instead, they must build hulls. A hull cannot move and has no power points (so it cannot be used for garrison purposes on the East front). There is a 10% chance each turn that a CG hull becomes a CG, a BB hull becomes a BB, and a CV hull becomes a CV. So ships will now have a 10 month mean time to complete.
-The China supply bonus was not meant as US aid but meant to represent that the Chinese did not need as much supply. So, I took away the message that was added.
-The Soviets can only build conscripts once the war with Germany starts. They also don't get the 500 conscript bonus when the war starts.
-Artillery range remains at 1 with counterbattery on. This provides incentives to spread out artillery.
Pour ceux qui comprennent mal l'anglais, en réalité, j'ai surtout revu le système de production de bateaux, pour les croiseurs, les cuirassés et les porte-avions, qui coûtent respectivement 20000 pp, et 40000 pp. Sur une ville comme Hambourg, il faut donc 10 mois pour produire un cuirassé ou porte avion, en ne produisant rien d'autre, 5 mois à Landres ou Tokyo. Je me suis limité à 40000, car je ne sais pas trop comment le moteur gère les constructions inférieures à 0,1pp/mois.

J'ai revu aussi à la hausse le coût des avions embarqués (carrier aircraft) sur les porte-avions. Avant, ils coûtaient la moitié d'un chasseur, maintenant, c'est le même prix. J'avais observé en effet que l'IA avait surtout tendance à construire des carrier aircraft à Londres. Upgradés en carrier aircraft, ils étaient presque aussi efficaces que des fighters pour moitié prix, et à Londres, ils pouvaient en sortir 8 par mois... :roll:

J'ai aussi baissé les hit points des tank destroyers, qui étaient presques plus solides que les tank médium. Certes, les teutons en ont fait d'excellent sur la fin de la guerre (les jagdpanther), mais les marders II et III du milieux de guerre sont plutôt fragiles.

Et puis quelques autres modifications...Si quelqu'un est tenté par un essai, histoire de voir ce qui peut bugger et d'essuyer les plâtres? :D
« Je viens en paix, mais si vous me baisez, je vous tuerai tous »
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Re: [Advanced Tactics] Modification du scénario WaW 34b

Message par Bébert »

Hop, les modifs ont été faites, le scénario est ici: http://www.advancedtactics.org/scenario.php?nr=81

Le détail est ici, avec des fautes d'anglais: http://www.matrixgames.com/forums/tm.asp?m=2010787

Si quelqu'un est partant pour le tester, je l'ai déjà pas mal testé contre l'IA, mais contre un humain, ce serait pas mal. Rominet serait partant pour jouer russe ou chinois, lorsqu'ils se réveilleront... :wink:
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Re: [Advanced Tactics] Modification du scénario WaW 34b

Message par efelle »

Le bug des navires est contourné ?
C'est tentant mais j'ai peur d'avoir trop d'engagement, quelles nations sont jouables ?

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Re: [Advanced Tactics] Modification du scénario WaW 34b

Message par Bébert »

Oui, le bug des navires est contourné, de même que celui, en principe, du heavy bomber qui se transforme en CV par surprise.

Sont jouables western allié, germany, URSS, chine et Japon. Les trois derniers doivent attendre un certain temps avant de se réveiller, à mon avis les plus lourds à gérer sont l'ouest et germany. Si le Japon ne veut pas envahir les USA, ils peuvent rester dans la simplicité.

Mais un conseil, faites déjà quelques tours contre l'IA avant de voir, ou bien ouvrez le scénario avec edit, pour jeter un oeil.
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