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Victoria II carnet N°19

Message par jagermeister » mar. avr. 13, 2010 11:42 am

Development Diary #19 - Technology
Hi everybody. As King is away this week, it falls to me to publish this weeks development diary. Have no fear though, its written by King and not by me

Victoria 2's technology system will bear a striking similarity to Victoria's. In fact the core idea of technologies then invention is lifted wholesale from Victoria. In fact you a lot of the technology names and inventions will seem very familiar to those of you who have played Victoria before.

That's not to say that everything will be the same. The systems in Victoria 2 give us a lot of new toys to play with and we also do need to put in the props that the Victoria technology system gave us. One example is free machine parts, with Artisans ready and willing to make them as required; we feel there will be far less need to have them given out free when certain technologies are discovered.

However, some technologies are the same, the prestige giving ones are still there, and the ones that give you variable prestige according to who discovered them is also there. With an added bonus, the interface will tell you how much prestige you stand to gain if you discover them. So you can see at a glance if anyone has invented them yet, allowing you to gauge how much of a priority you can give these technologies. If you are struggling to maintain your great power rank then you can see at a glance if there is prestige to be had here.

We can also do cool effects with the discovery of inventions themselves. We have added modifiers to the discovery chance based upon other factors. These work the same way as modifiers for the chances that an event will fire, so moders can have a field day with them. For us we are going to use the discovery of other inventions to increase the chances that a particular invention will fire. Making tech a bit more interesting.

That's our first pass through technologies. We will return with more information later. First we are off to test and balance it to make it more fun.

Here's a screenshot of Japan, with the cool early-style japanese army.

Image ... p?t=470052
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