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[Règles] Les missions

#1 Message par Pierre » lun. août 22, 2005 2:07 pm

Les missions sont effectuées par des personnages et / ou du personnel sur une variété de cibles (autres personnages, planètes, vaisseaux, usines de production...).

Il y a plusieurs types de missions, qui peuvent être effectuées par différents types de personnages et de personnel.

Missions pour les personnages

- Reconnaissance : ne peut pas être effectuée par des personnages.
- Espionnage : cibler une planète. Compétences: espionnage. Restriction: aucune.
- Diplomacie : cibler une planète neutre ou amie. Compétence: diplomatie. Restriction: aucune. La diplomatie améliore l'image du camp du joueur sur cette planète.
- Inciter à la révolte : cibler une planète ennemie. Compétence: charisme. Restriction: aucune.
- Réprimer insurrection : cibler une planète amie en révolte. Compétence: charisme, modifié par le nombre de troupes sur la planète. Restriction: aucune.
- Capturer ennemi : cibler un personnage ennemi qui ne soit pas en déplacement. Compétence: espionnage et combat. Aucune restriction.
- Assassiner ennemi : cibler un personnage ennemi qui ne soit pas en déplacement. Compétence: espionnage et combat. Empire seulement.
- Libération d'un personnage: cibler un personnage ami emprisonné et pas en déplacement. Compétence: espionnage et combat. Aucune restriction.
- Sabotage : cibler une installation, une troupe, du personnel ou un vaisseau, neutre ou ennemi (impossible d'être utilisé sur une étoile noire). Compétence: espionnage et combat. Restriction: aucune.
- Sabotage de l'étoile noire : cible une étoile de la mort, compétences: espionnage et combat. Persos de l'Alliance seulement.
- Recrutement : cibler une planète amie. Compétence: charisme. Restreint aux personnages Luke, Leia, Han & Mon Mothma pour l'Alliance et Darth Vader et l'Empereur pour l'Empire.
- Recherche navale: cibler une planète avec un chantier naval. Compétence: possibilité de recherche navale.
- Recherche en troupes: cibler une planète avec une caserne. Compétence: possibilité de recherche en troupes.
- Recherche d'installations: cibler une planète avec un chantier de construction. Compétence: possibilité de recherche en installation.
- Entrainement Jedi : cibler une planète en mettant dans la mission le jedi formateur et le jedi à entrainer. Formateurs pour l'Alliance: Luke. Pour l'Empire: Darth Vader. Les personnages à former doivent d'abord avoir été détectés par les formateurs en passant un peu de temps à leurs côtés (sur la même planète, dans le même vaisseau...).

Missions pour le personnel :

* Missions de l'Alliance
- Y-Wing long nez: Reconnaissance.
- Espions Bothan : Espionnage.
- Commandos : sabotage, capturer ennemi, libérer un prisonnier, sabotage de l'étoile noire.
- Guerilla : inciter à la révolte, mater une révolte

* Missions de l'Empire
Infiltrateurs : sabotage, inciter à la révolte
Commandos Noghris : capturer un personnage / tuer un personnage, libérer un personnage
Droïde de reconnaissance: reconnaissance
Droïde d'espionnage: espionnage

Mission Attributes

Different character attributes are used for each type of mission that a character can perform. Basically, the higher the value for the specified attribute, the better the person is at doing the mission. Note: a character with a zero value for an attribute can still attempt the mission; he/she will just have a very low chance of succeeding.

Mission Attributes used
Abduction Combat of character attempting minus combat of character to be abducted
Assassination Combat of character attempting minus combat of character to be assassinated
Diplomacy Diplomacy of character attempting minus Loyalty of planet for other side
Espionage Espionage of character attempting
Incite Leadership of character minus Loyalty to other side
Subdue Leadership of character minus loyalty of planet to other side
Recruitment Leadership of character minus loyalty to other side
Rescue Combat of character
Sabotage Average of character 's Combat and Espionage
Death Star Sabotage Average of character 's Combat and Espionage
Jedi Training Must be Force capable
Ship Research Must have Ship Research
Facility Research Must have Facility Research
Troop Training Research Must have Troop Training Research

Note: This table presumes you are able to attempt a mission without being foiled by detectors (troops, fighters, etc) or Commanding characters at that location.

How do I use Decoys?

Decoys are used to draw attention from the characters performing the real mission. To have someone be a decoy, they must be able to do the real mission on their own and you generally want to use someone who has a good espionage value.

Form a mission team by holding down the Control key on your keyboard while clicking on all the people you want involved in the mission (decoys and real mission members). Select 'Mission' from the right-click menu of any team member to bring up the 'Create Mission' window. Now, click on the decoy tab at the top right of the Create Mission window. Here, you can highlight and move any personnel you wish to assign as decoys, over to the right column. Then go back to the left-hand tab and verify you are sending them on the correct mission type and accept the mission. Keep in mind, you don't want to send too many people on a mission; it's a lot easier to sneak two or three people into an enemy location than 10 people.

Jedi Training and Force Growth

Force using characters are able to increase their attributes and heal faster than regular characters. When strong enough, they can also detect and foil enemy Force users and can detect traitors among their own personnel. There are five levels of force growth:

Novice (10+)

Trainee (20+)

Jedi student (80+)

Jedi Knight (100+)

Jedi Master (120+)

The numbers are never displayed in the game, but this gives you a general idea of how long it will take to move to the next level. Keep in mind that each time you get a Force growth message, the character receives one point of Force growth and also gains an increase in their leadership, combat, and espionage attributes.

To detect if someone is a Force user, the character must be on the same planet as Luke or Darth. While Darth is able to detect Force users right away, Luke will not be able to detect Force capable characters until he reaches the level of Jedi student, which usually happens when he comes back from Dagobah.

How can I increase my characters Force powers?

Send them on Jedi Training missions with Luke or Darth

Have them successfully complete other missions

How do I train Jedi?

Select both the character and Darth or Luke (depending on which side you are playing) and target a friendly planet.

Luke must be a Jedi Knight before he can train anyone.

Why should I make someone an Officer?

Commanders, Generals and Admirals all enhance their group's abilities.

Admirals – enhance reaction time of fleets in tactical

Generals – enhance strengths of troops for assault or defense and magnify defense facilities

Commanders – enhance effectiveness of fighters in tactical; can also be assigned to fighters on a system

In addition, they help detect and foil missions the enemy may be performing against you. It is not a waste to leave a character on a planet if s/he is in a command position.

Why can't my character/specforce do any missions?

Is your character injured?

Injured characters cannot perform missions or hold ranks. You have to wait until they heal.

Is you're character captured?

Obviously, you will be unable to utilize a character until they are rescued from captivity.

Are you targeting the right item for that mission?

You should always double-check to make sure the proper item is selected.

Is your character or specforce capable of doing the mission?

Based on a character's attributes, only certain missions will be possible.

My character is capable of doing the mission, but is not very successful. What could be wrong?

The character's attributes for that mission are low (see chart below). This would result in a Failed mission.

If performing the mission on an enemy planet, the other side might have to many defenders for you to succeed. This would result in a Foiled mission

If trying to win over a neutral planet, the other side might be trying to do the same thing.

How am I capturing Characters when I'm not trying to abduct them?

If the enemy is trying to conduct missions on one of your planets and you have a strong defensive force (troops with a General; fighters with a Commander on the planet, etc), you will often foil the missions and capture the character.

Note: If you wish to move a captured character, you will have to escort him with one of your characters.
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