Battlefront le planning pour 2022

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Battlefront le planning pour 2022

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Avec des arrivées sur Steam d'autres jeux de la licence. :notice:
Updated Cold War (early February) - this extends the newly implemented PBEM++ system to include Slitherine's automated Tournament system. Yup, you can now play for fame, glory, and at times fabulous prizes in a structured environment!

Updated CMSF2 and Black Sea (1st Quarter) - both previously released Matrix/Slitherine CM Families will get the PBEM++ and Tournament systems as free updates. Any bug fixes and what not that have come up from Cold War development will be rolled in as well.

Normandy for Matrix/Steam (March/April) - the entire Normandy Family of games will be released on both Matrix and Steam platforms with PBEM/Tournament features included. Coinciding with this will be a new Battle Pack focusing on early D-Day combat.

Fortress Italy for Matrix/Steam (June/July) - all titles from the Fortress Italy Family goes out onto Matrix/Steam with the PBEM/Tournament features. A Battle Pack is planned to be released at the same time, the specific focus not being fully nailed down as of yet.

Red Thunder for Matrix/Steam (September/October) - as you might expect by now, Matrix/Steam with PBEM/Tournament features. A simultaneous release of a new Battle Pack is also planned. The Pack focuses on Kampfgruppe Mühlenkamp's attempts to keep the Soviets from moving westward in July 1944.

Final Blitzkrieg for Matrix/Steam (December/January) - last, but not least, the final CM2 Family of games will be released for Matrix/Steam with PBEM and Tournament systems. At the same time we'll release a new Module that will extend the timeframe through to the end of the war and introduce Commonwealth Forces plus the last ditch forces of the Third Reich. ... n-preview/

L'upgrade 5.0 du moteur sera gratuite.
We're still planning on doing an Engine 5 Upgrade that focuses on performance improvements. No firm idea when this will be ready to talk about more, not to mention when we'll release it. Oh, and it will be a free Upgrade this time around.
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Re: Battlefront le planning pour 2022

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Le planning 20523 :o: ... come-2023/
1. Steam/Matrix Releases
Due to the delay of getting CMBN out all subsequent CM games are bumped accordingly as we are going on a 1 "family" per quarter schedule. The schedule now is:

CMBN - release set for March 2023
CMRT - release set for June 2023
CMFI - release set for September 2023
CMFB - release set for December 2023 or January 2024
Voir aussi ... pour-2023/

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