AoD Carnet N°10

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AoD Carnet N°10

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Au tour des changements de l'IA.
Comme d'habitude, on nous promet la lune dans ce domaine.
Welcome to this weeks edition of our Arsenal of Democracy Development Diary.

Today I will talk about the changes we made in the area of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

First of all, let me assure you that we changed a lot regarding the actual execution and calculation of the AI code. We implemented new algorithms that now allow for faster and more efficient resource usage then in previous HoI versions. Actual optimization in the code also affects the strategic level the AI is now able to handle. For larger countries as the US, it now actually tries to keep an eye on the big picture e.g. the pacific and European campaign are no more seen as independent theatres versus multiple enemies but as different fronts against a unified enemy (in this case, the Axis powers). According to this, it now tries to distribute forces more efficient.

Also AI on an operative scale vastly improved. You are now more likely to run into encirclements or into the risk of getting massively bombed without decent matching air coverage. The AI now proves to be a real tough competition in all areas of the game.
In Land Combat it switches and moves its troops efficiently from reserve positions back and forth to the front line to provide a stable defence line against your attacks. It lays traps in terms of small bad defended gaps in the frontline to lure you away from your original plans and into unfavourable positions – from which it strikes hard at your forces and gives you unexpected resistance.

We have improved the general AI interface of Ground and Air coordination on a massive scale. Air Forces now have a more important impact on the AI strategy at a whole and the AI themselve tends to use them more and also in a slightly smarter and efficient way.

The Garrison AI has also been vastly remodelled. It now tries to optimise the occupation process itself. It processes an intelligent distribution of minimal troops for a maximum effect e.g. best suppression and defence of key provinces and victory points.

On the maritime side, the Naval AI tends to create more efficient fleet combinations for the different tasks it faces. It will create large fleet concentrations by itself with an emphasize on battleships for invasions, depending on resources and doctrines carrier fleets for sea dominance, and for transport, screening, convoy or ASW missions small flexible task forces. The overall coordination between the various fleets of a country has been greatly optimised.

The AI system and files itself can be edited and modified by a mix of static values and dynamic rules.

I hope I could give you a small insight into AoD’s AI system. Stay tuned for next week’s DD when I will introduce you into the aspect of modability and National Ideas.

Attached are some random screens from the diplomatic section for your entertainment.

Vous pensez tous que César est un con? Vous pensez que le consul et son conseiller sont des cons? Que la police et l'armée sont des cons? Et vous pensez qu'y vous prennent pour des cons? Et vous avez raison, mais eux aussi! Parce que depuis le temps qu'y vous prennent pour des cons, avouez que vous êtes vraiment des cons. Alors puisqu'on est tous des cons et moi le premier, on va pas se battre.

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