AoD Carnet N°4

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AoD Carnet N°4

Message par Emp_Palpatine »

Welcome to this weeks Development Diary.
Today's topic that I will talk about is the reworked Espionage System.

As Intelligence was almost useless and impracticable to handle
in DD and Arma, we aimed to design an completely overhauled system for AOD.

Spies are now sent automatically - as long as you assign a small amount of money
to espionage AND give a targeted country at least a minimum observation precedence.

To set priorities for which countries receive more or less money than others,
we have created a system were you can give a nation an emphasize on a scale between 0-10,
ten displaying the highest one.


In the Production Screen are new sliders which determine how much money trickles down
on to the different areas - be it espionage, military or tech research.
From the money assigned to Espionage it is now further shared and divided between the countries which you gave an observation priority.


With Money assigned to a country you send spies to a nation.
When not instantly consumed for current missions, they will require a specific uphold cost which is subtracted from the total espionage budget.
Having spies in foreign countries and withdrawing them all funding will make them perform missions at a very low efficiency, and gives them a much higher chance of passive detection.

The more money you direct in espionage to a specific country,
the faster your Intel-Teams are trying to get a new spy in.
Also, the more spies you have, either in a foreign country or in homeland counter-espionage, the higher your mission efficiency is.

A great feat is also that you are now able to select multiple Missions on the same country. This comes in very handy: once you check all the jobs which should be performed, they will continue to be performed until you stop them. Of course, more missions running simultaneously on the same country requires a huge and steady stream of money.

The overall option to be able to set the espionage system on some kind of
"cruise-control" is really sweet: After making your adjustments, you can easily regulate the system via the funding slider in the production tab.

We also wanted to include in this weeks DD some extra goodies for you :
the new loss statistics. It was finished last week. Enjoy the screens.


Stay tuned for next weeks diary when I will get into the nuts and bolts of Logistics, ESE and Carried Supplies.
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Re: AoD Carnet N°4

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Aaaah ! des stats de pertes ! :clap:
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Re: AoD Carnet N°4

Message par Urial »

yep superbe idée !

aussi le systeme avec l'oil ! vraiment super! :mrgreen:
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Re: AoD Carnet N°4

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Moi j'en connais un qui va acheter AoD dès sa sortie.


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