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Message par Mik29 » jeu. mai 09, 2019 8:24 am

Nouveau jeu grand stratégique WW2


Warplan is an incredibly accurate World War 2 simulation engine. It is a balance of realism and playability incorporating the best from 50 years of World War 2 board wargaming.

Developer Kraken Studios places their emphasis on games that are… Easy to use, hard to win.

Warplan employs one of the best interfaces to lower micromanagement as much as possible so players can focus on playing and thinking.

Recreate World War II in every detail, thanks to the huge engine flexibility and database.


70 different potential countries
Map scale 30 miles / 50km per hex using a Peter's map scaling which better represents real distances
Land scale 15k - 60k men
Air scale 300-400 air craft
Naval scale 2 capital ships + support ships


20 different units with 15 different attributes, 17 different technological advancements, 5 different specialties. Each country has their own units with their own attributes.

Breakdown - Land units can be split or reformed. Corps may detach a division, armies may split.
Formation – Small formations may be grouped into larger ones.
Generals - Each player comes with their own generals that affect combat, mobile attack, and retreats.
Support pool Units - 11 different support types


Naval units stack in fleets.
1 land, 1 air, 1 fleet per hex.


Production points,
oil, manpower,
strategic resources,
trade agreements,
convoy zones


17 different advancements
Each unit has at minumum 2 advancement choices.
47 different unit configurations.


Land units have the capacity of having a specialization. This is an attachment of equipment, elite trained units, or gear. With advancements this allows for 120 different land unit configurations


Supply system is based on cities, rail, ports, headquarters, and distance from railways. The supply system more accurately represents the North African Campaign.


Players may declare war, influence, attempt a coup, or negotiate a surrender. Each country has a loyalty and an entry level. Actions in game may alter the entry and loyalty of various countries.


Hex based map and movement.
15 different types of terrains subdivided in to sizes with each different features including motorized and non-motorized movement, airfield capacity, and defensive bonuses.
12 different resource types
5 different strategic resources
Fog of War – detection levels determine information of units.
5 different weather conditions


Land - Multihex attack based on operation points allowing for multiple move and attack tactics allowing for frontline breakthroughs.
Zone of control – Use of ZoC restricts the movement of the enemy.
Air – Attacks selected targets and may automatically support land attacks
Naval – fleet and raider modes affect detection. Night action, Surface, Sub, and Carrier combat are available


Units automatically repair and get advancements simulate realistic conditions allowing players to focus on strategy and play.


play vs the A.I.,


WarPlan includes an editor to allow modding and creation of scenarios


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Re: Warplan

Message par griffon » jeu. mai 09, 2019 8:36 am

J'ai vu , ça ressemble beaucoup à SC WIE :euh:

Au printemps, je vais quelquefois m'asseoir à la lisière d'un champ fleuri.
Lorsqu'une belle jeune fille m'apporte une coupe de vin , je ne pense guère à mon salut.
Si j'avais cette préoccupation, je vaudrais moins qu'un chien

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Re: Warplan

Message par Mik29 » jeu. mai 09, 2019 1:51 pm

Oui mais avec plus de complexité

Gestion du pétrole, du manpower, possibilité d'empiler un pion terre + 1 naval + 1 air...

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Re: Warplan

Message par sargeroth » dim. mai 12, 2019 3:42 pm

Bonjour, j'ai aussi vu ce jeu, je vais le suivre car il semble etre un mix de time of fury et ceaw


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