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Message par Mik29 » ven. nov. 30, 2018 1:22 pm

Tiens quelqu'un sur le forum Slitherine s'est posé une question un peu similaire : je simplifie mais il dit que c'est nul pour l'équilibre d'une partie si Varron par exemple peut gagner à Cannae, à cause du fait que le joueur qui va jouer la bataille tactique est moins bête que Varron.

la réponse de Richard Bodley Scott

The quality of the Field of Glory: Empires generals is taken into account when transfering the battle to FOG2. This is currently done by altering the quality of the troops to reflect the confidence they have in their general, the effect of his care (or otherwise) for the welfare of his troops on their fitness for battle, and the discipline he has instilled.

This will obviously need fine-tuning during beta testing, but we are happy that it already works pretty well to reflect the effect of the generals' ratings on battles fought out in Field of Glory: Empires.

We cannot take away the player's tactical skill, but the above system does make it significantly harder to win if he has a worse general than the enemy does.

As has been said before, nobody is forced to play the battles out in FOG2, and if a player does not want his tactical skill (or lack of it) to influence the result, he can simply let Empires resolve the battles.

It's a win:win situation. Those who want to use the FOG2 linkup can do so, those who don't need not do so. As Pocus has said, Empires is designed to be standalone. The extra tactical depth added by the FOG2 linkup is only for those who want it.


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